Recently I’ve encountered a rather strange behaviour related to Java Web Start.

If, in your .jnlp file you are referencing some signed jars, sometimes the verification fails miserably with the following stacktrace:

If you are 100% sure that your jars are correctly signed, check if your JRE setup have “Keep temporary files on my computer” option enabled. That solved the problem for me.

So if you are on Windows: Control Panel -> Java and then:

Hope it helps.

18 thoughts on “How to resolve “ Found unsigned entry in resource:”

  1. WebVPN Java Plugins fail to load after upgrade to Java 7 Update 45 with the following General Exception error – ‘ Found unsigned entry in resource:

    Conditions: Windows or Mac OSX machines using Java 7 Update 45.

    Workaround: 1) Disable the option ‘Keep temporary files on my computer’ on the Java Control Panel -> General -> Settings. This works for both Mac OSX and Windows.


    2) Downgrade Java to version 7 Update 40 or below

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